Chapter 9 - Geometric Figures

Middle School Math Book Website - Chapter 9

9.1 - Introduction to Geometry

Objective: Identify lines, rays, and segments.

9.2 - Angles

Objective: Name, measure, and draw angles.

9.3 - Classifying Angles

Objective: Classify angles and find angle measures.

9.4 - Classifying Triangles

Objective: Classify triangles by their angles and by their sides.

9.5 - Classifying Quadrilaterals

Objective: Classify quadrilaterals by their angles and sides.

9.6 - Polygons

Objective: Classify polygons by their sides.

9.7 - Congruent and Similar Figures

Objective: Identify similar and congruent figures.

9.8 - Line Symmetry

Objective: Identify lines of symmetry.