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Geometry.kmz - It is a Geometry (basic shapes) lesson in Google Earth. Classifying shapes and finding their perimeter and area. There are also some bonus questions (geography, etc.).

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Tour (0.77 mb)
Each placemark has a photo and short description.
Some placemarks have UnitedStreaming video.
Some placemarks have 3D SketchUp Drawings if you have the latest version of Google Earth.

Washington, D.C. Tour (1.63 mb)
Placemarks and SketchUp Images of:
Iwo Jima Memorial - Pentagon - Lincoln Memorial - Washington Monument
White House - RFK Stadium - J Edgar Hoover Building - National Gallery of Art

Google Earth Blogs
Digital Geography - all about using new technologies in the Geography curriculum.
Google Earth Blog - Google Earth Blog is dedicated to sharing the best news, interesting sights, technology, and happenings for Google Earth. You will find the most amazing and interesting Google Earth files and network links you can download right off the site. (Not affiliated with Google)

Google SketchUp

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Video Tutorials - These are videos tutorials that show how to use Google SketchUp. There are 10 videos from begining to advanced.